JRB Wheel Loader Construction Utility Forks

The Redline Systems Inc. Construction Utility Forks turn wheel loaders in to heavy duty forklifts to safely transport large loads of construction related materials.
Safely navigate job sites carrying construction materials like pallets, pipes and related equipment with our rugged Construction Utility Forks. Perfect for construction or utility projects. Our standard offering includes many popular sizes and configurations in both manual and hydraulic operation formats.


• 6’ wide carriage
• fork length: 72" (adjustable)
• Custom sizes available
• Rated for the 17,200 lbs. lift capacity (depending on model of loader)
• Hydraulic hoses and couplers included with adjustable hydraulic model
• Powder coated finish
• Made in the USA

Retail Price:
Wheel Loader Construction Forks-Standard $8995.00
Wheel Loader Construction Forks-Hydraulic $13,995.00

Equipment Type: