Kubota BX Rock Bucket 48" Pin on or SSQT available

The Redline Systems Inc. 48" rock bucket was designed specifically for the Kubota BX tractor. It is designed to be like the bigger skid loader rock buckets using a 3" tine spacing but scaled down to work on the Kubota BX tractors. It’s constructed from .25" A36 plate so it’s built to handle the abuse but not be so heavy that the tractor can’t pick it up and still utilize is maximum lift capacity. Two 2" tubes run on the top and bottom of the bucket to help with torsional twist in the bucket and keep it flat. It has a solid back with clean out slot cut into the back to help let loose material fall through but keep in the larger rocks and debris in the bucket. Built to look as if it were a factory made bucket. This unit also use the same pins and bushing as the kubota dirt bucket and is compatible with the factory BX6315 quick tach unit. This bucket can also be mounted directly to the loader. Now also available in the new SSQT mount If you have a B series tractor and don't have a quick tach please call we can build one with traditional loader mounts as well. If you don't see what your looking for please call we do custom buckets as well.


  • 48" wide
  • 25" deep
  • 16" tall
  • weight 162 lb
  • .25" A36 plate construction.
  • 3" tine spacing.
  • 3" tine finger length
  • powder coated finish
  • made in the USA
  • compatible with Kubota BX 6315 factory quick tach.