Kubota BX Rear Receiver Hitch and Tie Down Points

The Redline Systems Inc. rear receiver hitch and tie down points were designed specifically to work on the Kubota BX tractor. This was designed to give the person the hauls his tractor around a lot a dedicated place to secure his tractor from the back giving you a DOT required 4 point load securement when used in conjunction with the front tie down kit. It also give you a standard 2" receiver hitch for moving trailers around, handy for the person with the backhoe so they don’t have to put on there 3point arms or use the little nub that the factory Kubota ball plate has to move a trailer. This is also compatible with the backhoe tractors and does not interfere with the backhoe when it’s installed on the tractor. It install easily in place of the factory ball plate using the same fasteners. It’s constructed with .25" A36 steel plate and is about a 10 minute install. A great addition to your tractor!


  • length: 10"
  • width: 6"
  • height: 3"
  • weight: 11 Lbs
  • constructed with .25" A36 steel plate.
  • mounts in the factory location using the factory fasteners.
  • quick install time about 10 minutes.
  • compatible with BX TLB tractors and won’t interfere with back fit or operation.
  • gives you the DOT required 4 point load securement required when used in conjunction with the front tie down kit.
  • powder coated.
  • Made in the USA.