Kubota BX Quick Attach Plate No Longer Offered

The Redline Systems Inc. quick tach was designed to fill a need for the kubota BX tractors prior to Kubota coming out with there own unit. It gives the BX user the ability to expand the use of his or her machine and really turns it into the machine Kubota intended it to be. It gives you the ability to go from your factory dirt bucket, to our RSI pallet forks, rock bucket and light material in seconds and back again. Opens a whole new range of options for this tractor and give the contractor or homeowner a much more usable piece of equipment that can be utilized in many more ways. It’s constructed with 3/16" A36 steel plate for the main body and loader, cylinder mounts. The mounts are designed to match the factory dirt bucket which incorporate the rollback and rollforward limit stops. There is also a 3/16 A36 steel gusset running along the back of the plate to help reinforce the whole unit and resist the twisting effect inherent with a center rollback cylinder design. The front mounts are made from .25" A36 steel plate and are designed to keep the attachment as tight to the loader as possible but still allowing for room to remove the
keeper pins. It’s a very simple yet effective design that keeps the weight to a minimum but has years of proven durability and reliability. The attachment keeper pins are .75" in diameter the same as the loader pivot pins and are a simple effective design that has no moving parts or mechanisms to jam with dirt or lock up. A must have for the BX tractor owner!!


  • length: 33.5"
  • width: 4" overall.
  • height: 7"
  • weight: 42lbs
  • 3/16 A36 steel construction of main body.
  • .25" A36 steel construction of front hooks.
  • simple light weight construction.
  • compatible with almost all of the BX series loaders built.
  • compatible with the factory dirt bucket.
  • no modifications needed to install on your tractor.
  • If you upgrade your BX you can move it to the next machine and put the old one back to original.
  • only takes about 15 minutes to install.
  • powder coated finish.
  • made in the USA.