Kubota BX Pallet Forks Pin on or Quick Attach Available

The Redline Systems Inc. BX pallet forks were designed specifically for use and capacity of the BX tractor. Being these tractors have such limited lift capacity everything you put in front of it has to kept light yet durable enough to handle the abuse these tractors can take. These are a much better option for people that want to use their tractor for moving palletized material around or picking up logs. The clip on bucket forks work for some people but eventually end up bending and distorting the factory dirt bucket and the lift capacity is very minimal due to where the bulk of the weight is positioned in front of the bucket. This unit has been to designed to maximize the lift capacity the tractor has and will keep the weight as close to the loader pivot points as possible for maximum lifting force. The carriage is constructed of all .25" A36 steel plate. The mounts are also .25" plate and are tied in with a torque tube at the top of the carriage to help minimize the twisting effect inherent with the center rollback cylinder design. There is also tie point cut into the side rail of the carriage to help hold something on the forks or assist in tying the tractor down on a trailer. And an 8" tall back stop integrated into the carriage. The forks are Cascade Forks and are 36" in length. Heavy duty 3/8" forks rails that won't bend They are built to be durable and lightweight to handle the lift capacity of the BX tractors, which ever one you may have. There a center load design so they can’t fall off the end of the rail and are adjustable in width along the rail. This is a must have attachment for the BX user and will end up on the tractor more than any other attachment in most cases. the carriage only weights 72 lbs!! I also stock these in Black with a SSQT mount.


  • length: 36"
  • width: 9" overall
  • Height: 24"
  • weight: 178 lbs
  • fork length: 36" also offering 42" long tines
  • .25" A36" steel plate carriage construction.
  • USA made Cascade forks.
  • integrated tie point inside rial.
  • adjustable forks.
  • rated for the 600lbs lift capacity of the BX tractor. (depending on model of loader.)
  • lightweight design maximizing lift capacity.
  • compatible with factory BX6315 quick tach unit.
  • Can be mounted directly to loader if desired. (no quick tach required)
  • powder coated.
  • Made in the USA.