Kubota BX Light Material Bucket 60" Pin on or Quick Attach Available

The Redline Systems Inc. 60" light material bucket was designed to work specifically with the Kubota BX tractors. It gives you the capacity that the factory dirt bucket doesn't have for moving light material like leaves, mulch, wood chips, firewood, snow or anything that’s bulky and light. The shell of the bucket is constructed with 10 ga mild steel to help keep the weight down but then is reinforced with .25" plates along the front leading edges of the bucket side the keep them from bending and deforming. There are also two .25" internal backs stiffeners to help keep the bucket straight. In addition to that there is an 1.75" tube that run the width of the bucket that is tied into the mounts to help support the back of the bucket with front to back flexing.There is a 4" x .5" 1055 grade carbon steel cutting edge welded into the front of the bucket and is the same cutting edge used on the larger skid loader buckets. The bottom of the bucket uses .250 x 3" A36 wear strips to help protect the bottom of the bucket from getting hole wore into it. There in one down the middle of the bucket and two along the bottom of the bucket side to help with wear and act as a curb guard to protect the side from damage. This bucket uses the same pins and bushings as the factory bucket and can be mounted directly to the loader or in use with the factory Kubota BX6315 quicktach unit. Also avail with SSQT

  • width: 60"
  • depth: 30"
  • height: 22"
  • approx half yard capacity.
  • weight: 245 Lbs
  • 10 ga mild shell.
  • .25" A36 bucket side edge guards.
  • 4" x .5" 1055 carbon steel cutting edge.
  • 3" x .250 wear strip in the center and both side edges of the bucket.
  • powder coated finish.
  • compatible with factory BX6315 quicktach.
  • Made in the USA.