Kubota BX Front Tie Downs

The Redline Systems Inc. front tiedown kit was designed specifically for the BX tractors. This was a product that was requested by a customer who hauls his tractor around a lot and wanted a better place to be able to secure his tractor to the trailer from the front without having to wrap a chain or strap around something that should be pulled on or scratch his tractor all up. We came up with this product to satisfy that need and it has work quite well over the years. It ties into the motor mount bolt just under the front grill and is in the perfect spot for securing the front of the tractor from either side. It fits most all of the BX tractor that utilize this same motor mount location. The tie downs are built with .25" A36 steel plate and are left and right hand mounted. The older smaller BX series tractor may vary. But for the contractor or homeowner that hauls the tractor around a lot these are a must have for nice easy load securement.


  • height: 3.5"
  • width: 2.0"
  • constructed with .25" A36 steel plate.
  • makes securing the tractor down much better.
  • has a nice factory look to it.
  • reduces damage from improper tie points.
  • allows for required 4 point load securement by DOT when used in conjunction with rear receiver hitch.
  • does not interfere with mower deck or loader function.
  • simple bolt on design and utilizes the motor mount bolts and nuts.
  • designed specifically for the BX tractor.
  • powder coated.
  • Made in the USA.